What We Do

We launched The Me-One Foundation in 2007 with a single purpose: To give adult cancer patients and their loved ones a relaxing, enjoyable, three-day family retreat from cancer. This carefree and cost-free retreat, Camp Wieser, gives families the gift of time for quiet reflection, pampering, and fun, a needed vacation from the whirlwind of doctor appointments and paperwork and treatments.

The Camp Wieser Family Retreat

Each summer (with the exception of COVID-19 years 2020 and 2021), Camp Wieser brings together adults who have cancer, along with up to five of their close family members and supporters, for a very special weekend retreat. They enjoy three days of nurturing, rejuvenation, inspiration, and countless moments of joy and laughter. The retreat takes place in a rustic-chic, camp-like setting, with comfortable room accommodations which provide the privacy needed by adult cancer patients, but which also offer many opportunities for inclusion in various enjoyable activities and adventures. Read more about what happens at Camp Wieser.

The Me-One Foundation

We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to a singular mission: providing emotional support, courage, hope, laughter and joy through our Camp Wieser weekend retreats. Our work is 100% run by volunteers. We have a board of directors which receives advice and guidance from oncology professionals. Our mission is supported by a host of organizations and individuals who understand that people fighting cancer deserve a time-out to focus on family and fun, rather than illness. Read more about our history in our Founder’s words.

You Too Can Get Involved!

For us at the Me-One Foundation, all it takes is money and hard work! The activities of the Me-One Foundation are supported entirely by financial and in-kind donations from individuals and sponsors. If you are inspired to support our work financially, please visit our Contribute page. Pick a method of support that works for you. We are drawing up big plans for our future! If you have any questions, first check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us directly. We would love to hear from you.

The Me-One Foundation History

When Me-One founder Heidi Wieser returned to Roseville, California after attending a remarkable retreat for adult cancer patients and family members in Southern California, she wondered why so few ports of peace for family respite were available. She and her husband Tom Wieser (a cancer patient at the time) made a commitment to establishing a retreat in Northern California, free to the patient and for up to five of their close family and supporters. And they did just that, under the name Camp Challenge. Heidi lost Tom to cancer, but her work with the Me-One Foundation continues. Today Camp Wieser is one of only a handful of retreats of its kind in the world. Countless numbers of retreats serve very well the needs of youngsters with cancer, but only a few host adult patients and their families at no cost to the family. Read on to learn more from the Me-One Foundation founder.

Our Founder, Heidi M. Wieser RN, in Her Own Words

On July 26, 1979, my father passed away at age 43 after battling cancer for just three months. I was 15. Years later, I watched as my godmother deteriorated during a three-year battle with lung and brain cancer. On February 9, 2004, my high school sweetheart and husband, Tom, was diagnosed with stage II rectal cancer at age of 40. At the time, our children were 6, 8, 10 and 12 years old. On March 4, 2005, my husband, whom I had known for more than half my life, was told his disease had progressed to his lungs. Through all of these trials I have learned an extremely valuable lesson. Cancer is not a disease that attacks a single patient. Cancer is a radiant disease. It attacks the one afflicted as well as his or her family and friends. It attacks without regard to race, age or family history. And, making it more terrifying, is the understanding that cancer is random and it never rests. The therapies and treatments cancer patients endure are sometimes more painful than the disease. Surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy not only attack the patient’s body, but also their will to face continued treatment. Patients turn toward any ray of relief offered. Unfortunately, there are far too few ports of peace to meet the demands of the growing numbers of those afflicted with cancer. I am well versed in the pain cancer can bring. I watched my father pass in a matter of months. I made it my life goal to fight against this predator by becoming an oncology nurse’ a position I have held for the past 25 years. I have held the hands of countless patients who were confused as to why this was their fate. I have shared final thoughts with those who were called from this earth in a worried and scared state. In 2013, I lost my husband to cancer after a nine-year battle. In the course of these experiences, I came to the conclusion that my role is to lessen the pain that cancer brings to patients and families. I vowed to create a space that would serve as a port of peace for those who were battling cancer. That solemn vow, made in 2006, was the origin of what is now Camp Wieser.

Leadership Team

Heidi Wieser – Founder

Heidi Wieser Founder of the Me-One Foundation and Camp WieserMe-One founder Heidi Wieser, RN, MSN, OCN, Clinical Liaison, has spent a lifetime as a caregiver. In addition to serving family members with cancer, Heidi has worked as an oncology nurse for over 25 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Arizona. She has a Masters Degree in Nursing and is an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) at UC Davis Health. The Me-One Foundation and Camp Wieser are Heidi’s vision and her passion. Keeping Tom’s dream alive of the mission of the Me-One Foundation is an area she is extremely passionate about. She plans on collaborating with the board and volunteers as diligently as possible to make every Camp Wieser a special, life-affirming weekend for each participant.

Christine Gearing – President

Christine Gearing President of the Me-One FoundationChristine gets her passion for volunteering genetically from her never-say-no father, Dave. She was originally inspired to join the Me-One Foundation board as treasurer after seeing first-hand the power of camp as a family host. She has big plans ahead for the Foundation. As president, Christine is looking forward to building on the success of past president’s work and is excited to expand the Me-One network of supporters even more. In her spare time, Christine is an interior designer, happy golfer and completes an annual half marathon or two. But, as she says, “I walk really fast – so I don’t have to run!”

Erica Pope – Executive Director

Erica Pope is the Executive Director for the Me-One Foundation. Erica’s goal is to help reach more families during their cancer journey by positioning Me-One as a regionally recognized non-profit that company leaders, major donors and volunteers are eager to align themselves with. Together with the other members of the board of directors, Erica will help inspire even more donors and motivate our ambassadors to be the best champions for our mission.

John Burke – Camp Director

Camp Wieser Director is the Voice of the Patient for the Me-One FoundationJohn, a three-time Camp Wieser camper and a pancreatic cancer patient, serves on the board of directors as the voice of the patient. In addition to his experience as a Camp Wieser attendee, John also brings to the board more than 15 years of event planning and marketing experience including seven years with Disney. John earned his bachelor of science degree in business with a marketing emphasis from California State University, Long Beach, and currently works as an outside sales representative for one of the leading manufacturers in the flooring industry. John is also active in his church and serves as a part of the Men’s Ministry leadership team. Read about John’s commitment as Camp Director – in his own words.

Kat Maudru – VP & Public Affairs Director

Kat Maudru VP and Public Affairs Director for the Me-One FoundationKat has spent nearly a quarter century on the radio airwaves as a morning show host and news anchor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s degree in broadcast communication arts & news journalism from California State University, San Francisco. Kat has long used her communication, journalism and people skills to support a number of nonprofits as a board member, volunteer and event master of ceremonies.

Janice Hong – Recording Secretary

Janice Hong Recording Secretary for the Me-One FoundationJanice Hong has lived in Roseville for fifteen years. She has been married to her husband Dave for 23 years and has three kids, Brittany, Brandon, and Makayla. She loves being involved with charity organizations because her family has been so blessed and she feels there is no better satisfaction than giving back to others in our community. She is very excited to work with the Me-One Foundation as acting Secretary.

Melissa Brown -Program Assistant

Melissa Brown joined our Me-One ‘Ohana in 2021 as a Camp Wieser Staycation camper during the COVID pandemic, participated in Camp Wieser 2022, and most recently took on the role of Program Assistant. She brings to our team not only the perspective of a patient, bravely battling Multiple Myeloma since 2018, but also professional and leadership skills developed over two decades in the early education sector. Melissa has both an BA and an MA in Child Development at Sacramento State University, though her proudest role by far is the title of “boy mom,” to her two sons. When she is not cheering them on at baseball, basketball, and football games with her husband, she is serving her community as a Little League Board Member or spending time with her loving village of family and friends.

Josh Fronk – DO Advisory Board

Dr. Joshua Fronk Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford University and Advisor to the Me-One FoundationDr. Fronk is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University. He works full time as a palliative medicine and supportive oncology physician at the Stanford Cancer Center. He also serves as medical director for the Cancer Palliative Care program at Stanford Healthcare, overseeing patients and their families in the clinics, community, and hospital. He is very passionate about caring for those affected by cancer, working diligently with his team to ensure patients live longer and live better with concurrent palliative care. He is excited to be part of the Me-One Foundation helping provide medical oversight to ensure campers with cancer may have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Steve Siegel – Advisory Board

Steve Siegel Advisory Board Member Me-One FoundationSteve’s role on the Me-One team is community and corporate outreach and the development of strategic relationships. He’s involved in the planning and implementation of connecting with people in the broader community by the creation and cultivation of relationships with businesses, individuals and relevant organizations. His first experience at Camp Wieser was in 2014 as a Family Host which left him with a new appreciation of the necessity for retreats like Camp Wieser. When the Me-One Foundation invited Steve to join their Advisory Board to help raise awareness and expand the scope and reach of the Foundation even more in the community, he jumped at the chance. If you are a corporation or entity interested in hearing how you can support Me-One, please contact Steve Siegel today.

Claudia Siegel – Advisory Board

Claudia Siegel serves as a technical support person for the Board of Directors. She maintains the Me-One Foundation website, and assists the team in using current technology for collaboration and efficiency and streamlining the processes campers experience in applying for camp. Claudia successfully helped migrate the Me-One technology to Amazon Web Services, one of the few HIPAA compliant hosts.

Emily Wieser – Advisory Board

Emily Wieser Advisory Board Member for the Me-One Foundation since its founding in 2006Emily has been volunteering with the Me-One Foundation since her family first started the organization in 2006. She maintains a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and her Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Emily is looking forward to taking on a more active role with Me-One as an Advisory Board Member and is eager to continue fulfilling her family’s’ dream of helping families affected by cancer.

Christian Mercado – Advisory Board

Advisory Board Member Christian Mercado is a native Sacramento resident working as a Distribution Engineering Protection Supervisor for Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Sacramento State in 2015 and a Masters of Law from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2020. He is engaged and has a new golden retriever puppy (Priestly). Christian’s hobbies include working out, being outdoors and sharing time with family and friends.

Nicole Zimora – Advisory Board

Nicole Zimora is a member of the Advisory Board.