Camper FAQ

What are the dates for Camp Wieser 2024?

Camp Wieser will be held again at Mission Springs Conference Center in Scotts Valley, California, on September 13 through September 15. Stay informed about dates for applying for Camp Wieser 2024 by signing up to receive our e-newsletter.

Do I need to be in treatment currently to attend?

Because Camp Wieser is in such demand, first priority is given to applicants who are currently in treatment on the date they apply. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether you qualify. Fill out a contact form or email us at

Is Camp Wieser for children or for adults? Can children accompany adults?

The primary Camper is always an adult. A Camper’s support group can absolutely include children, and often does. Our Camp Wieser volunteers are ready to give the youngsters an amazing time.  It’s unforgettable!

Where do campers sleep?

We laughingly refer to accommodations as “rustic-chic.” Rooms at Camp Wieser are quite comfortable, with each Camper family given their own private bathroom. Please note: The facility is not yet fully ADA compliant, with stairs leading to some of the sleeping rooms, bunk beds in some rooms and various uneven surfaces.

Can the Camp kitchen adapt to a Camper’s food restrictions?

Meals are buffet style, healthy, and very tasty, with lots of snacks between meals. Around the campfire you’ll find s’mores, of course. The application to attend Camp allows you to tell us what special dietary needs you might have.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed at Camp?

No alcoholic beverages are served at Camp, and Mission Springs does not allow alcohol on the premises.

I’m not very mobile. Will that diminish my experience?

Each Camper has a Family Host at Camp. Your Family Host will help you get around and get you to the events you want to participate in. Your Family Host will be in touch with you prior to Camp, and you should discuss your needs so we can be prepared to help you in every way we can.

What should a camper plan to bring, besides changes of clothing?

When your application is approved, you’ll be given a list of items to bring to Camp.

Are there medical professionals at Camp?

Yes. We are fortunate to have the volunteer assistance of several MDs, several oncology nurses, as well as other highly-prepared volunteers who make themselves available to help with any minor medical concerns that might come up.

Does my oncologist need to approve my attending Camp?

Yes. We will give you a form to print and take or mail to your oncologist who will sign it and fax it to us.

I want to come to Camp alone. Is that ok?

Of course. Because you are assigned a Family Host, you won’t truly be alone. Let your Family Host know how much alone time you want to have.

How many of my family and supporters are allowed at Camp?

Up to five individuals can join their adult cancer patient. The Camper completes an application which includes information about each person accompanying the Camper. Subscribe to our e-newsletter so you’ll receive a reminder!

My children are teenagers. Will they enjoy camp?

They will, absolutely. In fact, teenage campers often ask to come back the next year as volunteers.

Will I need to bring money to Camp?

The only money you might need is gas money for your car ride back to your home base. There are very few places at Camp where you can spend money.

You say “all expenses paid” but does that include transportation to Camp Wieser?

Once you arrive at Mission Springs, all of a Camper’s on-site expenses, food and beverages, entertainment, spa experiences, and adventure activities are all covered for themselves and all of their guests. All you need to provide is transportation to and from your home base. If transportation costs would keep you from coming to Camp, think about how you could launch a GoFundMe campaign to cover your airfare or gas.