2024 Camp Wieser Oncology Center Patient Interest Form

  • Hello! Thank you for your interest in attending Camp Wieser 2024! Camp dates are September 13, 14 and 15, at Mission Springs Conference Center in Scotts Valley, California.

    Once we receive the Physician's Release form signed by your doctor, we will send you the registration form, which is the last step in the application process.

    Please fill out this short pre-registration form, which is for informational purposes.

  • (You can invite up to five family members, friends or supporters.)
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    A medical team will be available at Camp Wieser for emergencies; however, patients will be responsible for management of all personal and medical care issues while in attendance.
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  • Thank you for starting the process of applying for Camp Wieser 2024. We can't wait to meet you!