2024 Camp Wieser Guest - Spa and Activity Selections

  • How terrific is it that you've been invited to participate at Camp Wieser 2024? If you watched the videos from prior camps, you are aware that a lot goes on at camp. To maximize your time there, we ask that you let us know your preferences for complimentary services at the spa, and for activities that take place.

    Use this form to select and rank the spa services and adventure activities at Camp Wieser 2024. We will do our best to schedule you for your top two preferred spa services and activities.
  • The Primary Camper is the person who invited you to join them at Camp Wieser.
  • Serenity Spa & Salon Services

  • Serenity Spa & Salon Services are available for campers of all ages. Some activities are age specific so please look at the descriptions for each offering to see age requirements. Each camper may choose as many options as you qualify for. However, our goal is to offer each camper 2 of your top choices. We will try our best to schedule you for your top choices.
  • Serenity Spa & Salon Treatment Descriptions
    Pamper yourself! You deserve it!
    Table Massage (30 mins.) - 18 and Over Only. Soothing table massage given by one of our wonderful massage therapists. Be sure to let your therapist know what area you would like for them to focus on. They will spend your time in the massage focused on any problem areas.
    Facial (30 mins.) -18 and Over Only. Allow our specialists to gently release any stress and tension from your face and neck while rehydrating your skin.
    Manicure (30 mins.) - All Ages Welcome. Give those hard-working hands what they really need, a rest and someone to pamper them.
    Pedicure (30 mins.) - All Ages Welcome. Tootsies tired? Let us give them some long overdue attention!
    Hair Styling (30 mins.) - All Ages Welcome. Our hair stylist will give you an opportunity to explore a new hairdo or will get you all cleaned up.
    Makeup (30 mins.) - All Ages Welcome. Come let our makeup artist offer you some wonderful tips and tricks to applying makeup and give you a wonderful glow.

  • Each camp participant is offered TWO complimentary spa services. We will try our best to schedule you for your top choices.

    Use the blank space below to tell us your top two or three preferences for Spa Services. Again, they are:
    • 30 Minute Table Massage - 18 and over only
    • 30 Minute Facial - 18 and over only
    • 30 Minute Manicure - all ages welcome
    • 30 Minute Pedicure - all ages welcome
    • 30 Minute Hair Stying - all ages welcome
    • 30 Minute Makeup - all ages welcome

  • Adventure Activities Selections

  • In the areas below, you will let our Camp Wieser volunteers know your top picks for Activities (described below). We will do our utmost to schedule you for your preferred choices in both categories. Participation is totally optional.

    Descriptions of Three Activity Options
    All adventure sports are available to campers 5 years of age or older. All activities are run by trained and qualified Mission Springs staff with many years of experience. Close-toed shoes are required to participate in Adventure Sports.

    Zipline Climb the stairs to the top of the Climbing Tower and take an exhilarating ride down the Zip Line. Once you are securely clipped in, step off the platform and find yourself flying through the air at over 40 feet above the group until you come to a stop 300 feet later.

    Archery Whether this is your first experience with the bow and arrow or you are a seasoned professional, come spend some time shooting arrows at targets. Instructors will be there to help you learn the basics of archery as well as to fine-tune any skills you may already have.

    Climbing Wall. At 45 feet high, the climbing wall offers multiple routes to the top. Whether you are a first-time climber or more advanced, there are climbing routes that will challenge everyone.

  • Use the blank space below to tell us your top two or three preferences for Activities. Again, they are:
    • Zip Line
    • Archery
    • Climbing Wall

  • Additional Activities

  • Use the space below to tell us if you are also interested in these additional activities. They are:
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Tie Dying
    • Zentangle
  • Thank you for stating your preferences for camp. You can expect a confirmation email in your inbox as soon as you click Submit.